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Evolv Affiliate Spotlight - AMRAP Method

We created Evolv Affiliates as a way to create, develop, and sustain meaningful relationships with our community partners. We find strength in community, and know that much of our clients' time is spent being active and in a gym setting!

We asked our Evolv Affiliate gym owners some questions about who they are and the value they see working with us - check out AMRAP Method of Grafton's answers here!

1) Tell us about your gym and how it got started.

We're a local family ran gym whose mission is to make people more healthy for an active lifestyle outside the gym. We got started in 2019 when my wife and I had a different vision for what functional fitness and CrossFit could be. We keep classes running on the same schedule with active rest days mixed in to keep people healthy.

2) What motivates you and your team to promote health and fitness?

We love seeing people make small changes to achieve a healthy lifestyle over the long term. We measure everyone's body composition when they join the gym and offer free body scans every six months to see change and progress. Our motivation is seeing how being healthy impacts their relationships with their family and community for the better.

3) Why did you decide to partner with Evolv?

Evolv and Dr. Matt do a great job at getting my clients back to exercising regularly. Most doctors and therapists try to hold people back and recommend them not to exercise. At Evolv, their education and expertise help my clients live pain free and get back to the gym.

4) What specific services or programs do you offer that align with our clinic's expertise?

We offer weightlifting, gymnastics and high intensity exercise. Dr. Matt helps with our client's mobility and minor muscle group activation so they can be successful with overhead and strength movements.

5) Any success stories or memorable experiences you'd like to share with our community?

We've had a handful of clients and coaches with small injuries get sidelined since we opened. Dr. Matt evaluates and diagnoses the problem quickly and gets every one of our clients back to us in a timely manner so they can keep living a healthy and pain free lifestyle.


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