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Functional Fitness Fundamentals

Are you tired of the same old boring gym routine? Want to switch things up and improve your overall fitness? Look no further than functional fitness!

Gym Workout

Or maybe you’re a long-time CrossFitter that’s looking to refine your movement patterns. Either way, you want to check out the blog post below to master the fundamentals.

Functional fitness focuses on exercises that mimic everyday movements, such as pulling, pushing, squatting, and hinging. These movements not only help improve your strength and mobility, but they also make you better equipped to handle real-life situations.

One of the staples of functional fitness is the pull up. Not only do pull-ups work your back, arms, and core, but they also make you feel like a total bad-ass when you can knock out a few reps. Just try not to flex too hard in front of the mirror, you don't want to scare off other gym members. Watch this Instagram post to dial in your pull ups.

Another functional fitness favorite is overhead pressing. Whether it's with a barbell or dumbbells (or kettlebells or anything else), overhead pressing helps strengthen your shoulders, triceps, and core. Plus, it's a great way to work on your "I could lift this above my head if I wanted to" confidence. Not sure what to do or what not to do when it comes to overhead pressing? Check out this video for examples of both!

Squatting and hinging movements, such as deadlifts and kettlebell swings, are essential for functional fitness as well. These exercises work your legs, glutes, and lower back, and help improve your stability and balance. And let's be real, squats are a great way to “build your backside.” Check out this Instagram post about Squat Do’s and Don’ts.

Incorporating these functional fitness fundamentals into your workout routine can help improve your overall fitness and make everyday activities feel like a breeze. But let's face it, we could all use a little help and individualized guidance when it comes to our fitness journey. That's why at Evolv Physical Therapy & Performance we are offering a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your fitness goals and determine how we can help you achieve them.

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