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Meet Dr. Brad - Empowering His Clients With Knowledge

Brad is our third Physical Therapist here at Evolv, but many of you may not know him as he works with clients in Hartford, CT. We are excited to have him expanding the Evolv name outside of Wisconsin, and know that his clients are reaping major benefits from working with him!

Brad originally started his education pursuing strength and conditioning before transitioning to Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. He found that Physical Therapy gave him the ability to work with a wider variety of patients with more serious injuries, AND those trying to improve their performance. Brad focuses on helping his clients achieve their goals and empowers them with the knowledge needed to take care of their bodies long term!

Check out what one of Brads clients had to say about their experience working with him.... we think it speaks for itself!
What was your biggest challenge prior to working with us? Prior to working with Brad, I was unsure what was safe to do in the gym and what the path was to fully healing. Brad helped me see a path forward and take away the ambiguity of what modifications to make for workouts/climbing paths. How did that challenge make you feel? It made me feel anxious, unsure and hesitant. I didn't get as much enjoyment out of the gym due to worrying instead of focusing on doing my best and applying myself to my fullest ability. What has changed since working with us? Since working with Brad I have alleviated my injury and am able to return to the gym and activities I love to do. What specific results can you share? I went from having pain in my left hip flexor to no pain. More importantly my confidence was restored instantly during a stressful time in life (getting married) which meant the world to me.
What would you say to somebody on the fence about working with us? To any future clients, I would say give it a chance. The hardest part is walking through the door on your first appointment. From there, it's all taken care of. Brad made me feel comfortable and made me feel apart of the planning process to recovery. He was flexible and tailored the plan to meet where I was mentally and physically.
In the Hartford, CT area and sound like something you want to be part of?! We'd love to help! You can contact Brad at 262-846-5141 or at
We cant wait to work with you!


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