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Evolv Affiliate Spotlight - StarrFit

We created Evolv Affiliates as a way to create, develop, and sustain meaningful relationships with our community partners. We find strength in community, and know that much of our clients' time is spent being active and in a gym setting!

We asked our Evolv Affiliate gym owners some questions about who they are and the value they see working with us - check out StarrFit of Port Washington's answers here!

1) Tell us about your gym and how it got started.

I started personal training in 2014 after the professor of my weightlifting class told me they thought I would be good at it. After getting my first two clients and helping them for a couple of months, I said to myself that I wanted to own a gym some day and become a small business owner. Fast forward to 2018, I just opened StarrFitness and couldn’t be happier.! At first, we were a gym with “many hats”, we had group training, personal training, nutrition coaching, health coaching, life coaching, powerlifting, weightlifting and HIIT training… It was a lot. We didn’t really know what we wanted to do but mostly wanted to just help everyone. Five years later, we’re still helping everyone but we’re really starting to move towards high intensity functional training, powerlifting and weightlifting. We still want to help the average person get moving and get stronger but also help athletes perfect their sport in powerlifting and weightlifting. Each class has some sort of strength work in the beginning, followed by functional training and recovery. We incorporate powerlifting and weightlifting into each class so you always get strength on each day, no matter what. Our members love it. They feel strong and functional each day without the fatigue of just straight cardio or straight strength.

2) What motivates you and your team to promote health and fitness?

We’re motivated by our members. They are the ones showing up each day to push themselves showing dedication to the gym and themselves, we just give them the tools to help them succeed. Sometimes we see our members more than some of their family and friends and we appreciate them greatly for taking that time out of their week to dedicate themselves to the gym. We don’t take any of our members for granted and want them to have the best experience here to keep coming back.

3) Why did you decide to partner with Evolv?

Partnering with Evolv was a no-brainer! I worked with Dr. Matt on my knee and I quickly saw the value of his work and wanted to tell everyone about it! Dr. Matt is extremely knowledgeable and really takes his time with his clients to better understand their needs. He truly is passionate about what he does and how he can help you. Most physical therapists will rush you along and not check in with you later down the road. Dr. Matt has always asked how my knee has been feeling and if I need another session, never pushy or feeling like a sales pitch. I believe in Dr. Matt and the Evolv Team, and will always refer to them when people have injuries that I can’t help them with.

4) What specific services or programs do you offer that align with our clinic's expertise?

Evolv has done shoulder workshops and Meet the Doc events here at StarrFit, our members have appreciated all of the help and knowledge and are always giving out suggestions for the next one! It’s great Evolv offers services like this so they can get out in the field and not only help people with injuries but show how to prevent injuries from happening. We can’t wait for the next workshop or Meet the Doc at StarrFit!

5) Any success stories or memorable experiences you'd like to share with our community?

I had a nagging knee injury that I would rest for a week or two, and as soon as I started squatting again it would hurt, just wouldn’t go away! I reached out to Evolv and Dr. Matt was very quick to help me and to address the issue. We worked for about 6-7 weeks on different warm ups and exercises that I would incorporate before squatting, but after just about 3 visits, my knee felt almost back to normal! Dr. Matt didn’t rush me through my exercises and took his time to hear what pain I was experiencing, I haven’t felt pain in that knee at all since we stopped with our sessions!. I learned a great deal from Dr. Matt, and had a great experience every time I walked into Evolv. If I ever have more knee pain or an injury, Evolv will be the first place I call!

Be sure to visit StarrFit or check out their website here at

Ready to take the first step towards overcoming your shoulder injury? Click the button below to contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us guide you on your path to recovery!


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