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Do you look around the gym and

wonder how everyone else can do overhead movements?

Tired of your stiff shoulders keeping you down?

We've got the answers for you...and your shoulders!


Complete the form below to purchase your e-book and be on

your way to optimizing your shoulder mobility and feeling better today!

We appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your goals!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried everything and my shoulder mobility still isn't good. Will this actually help?

Yes. Having sufficient shoulder mobility is not only about being able to reach overhead. It's important to have enough mobility in multiple planes around the shoulder AND sufficient mobility in your thoracic spine as well. This e-book takes you through several different shoulder mobility exercises that address these multiple planes at the shoulder and your thoracic region in an easy to follow format and allows you to progress through different levels of mobility so that you can get the most out of your time at the gym.

I don't have time to do tons of extra accessory work at the gym. How long will this take?

We believe in being as efficient as possible. That said, in order to truly see adaptations that result in increased shoulder mobility, you have to put in the work. With a focused, dedicated effort 10-20 minutes a few times each week should be enough time to make noticeable improvements.

There's all sorts of stuff online that can "help shoulder mobility". How is this different?

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy at Evolv Physical Therapy & Performance are fitness athletes just like you! And, therefore, we understand what movements, positions and demands are placed on our bodies as fitness athletes. In addition to training like you, we can provide a unique approach that blends our knowledge as physical therapists and our experience as fitness athletes.

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