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The Open is coming...

...stay healthy AND perform your best? you want to beat your friends and family? you want to make the most of your fitness in the Open?

Here's your solution...


What's all included...

- Access to our Closed Facebook Group for the 2023 CrossFit Open ($297 Value)

  • Each week of the Open, you'll have access to:

- Question & Answer Facebook Live - ask YOUR specific questions about the workout.

- Warm Up Video - have a solid plan to crush the workout from the beginning!

- Recovery Video - know how to recover so you're ready for the next workout.

- Our NEW performance e-book, Shoulder Mobility for Fitness Athletes ($99 Value)

- Chances to WIN our Evolv Open Experience Recovery Package ($795 Value)

- 3 Months of Evolv Remote Performance Therapy

- Evolv Shirt

- Red Resistance Band

- Lacrosse Ball

- Drawstring Bag

That's a $396 value for the Facebook Group and the e-book with a chance to

win the Recovery Package valued at $795...with a total potential value of $1,191.

You can have all of this for ONLY $19!

Complete the form below to join our Closed Facebook Group and get started!

We appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your goals!

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What People Are Saying About Evolv...

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure if I can make the Q&A Facebook Lives every week. What can I do?

Each week we will be hosting a Facebook Live to answer your questions about the workout, our warm up video and our recovery video. Prior to (and during) the Facebook Live, you can submit your questions to be answered.

Additionally, if you are unable to tune in live for the Facebook Live, you will be able to access a recording within the closed Facebook group.

I'm not officially signed up for the Open. Can I still do the Evolv Open Experience?

Yes. While we think the Open is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your fitness community event and a great way to test your current level of fitness against your past level of fitness, we understand that not everyone will be signed up for the Open. We want everyone to be able to get the most out of these workouts, so go ahead and sign up for the Evolv Open Experience!

I'm not a "competitive CrossFitter". Would this still be a good fit for me?

Yes! While we work with some elite level CrossFitters, we want this group to maximize the performance for athletes of all abilities. We're not giving out any participation ribbons, but if you want to "do YOUR best", this group is for you!

I'm having pain or dealing with an injury, so I'm not going to do the Open. What do you recommend?

Our recommendation is, CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US RIGHT NOW! Simply put, we work with people just like you everyday and help them get back to CrossFit and living a high performance, active lifestyle the way that you want to. We recommend jumping on a free Phone Consultation to have a conversation. Who knows, maybe we can get you feeling better in time for the Open?!

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