At Evolv, we specialize in empowering everyday athletes to stay fit without needing time off or more invasive treatments.
We realize that people are occasionally hesitant to start something new. These people decided that they wanted to feel better and get back to feeling great while staying active.
Check out what some of them said about working with us at Evolv...

My first time ever encountering dry needling by Dr. Matt was during the CrossFit open. I was having pain issues with my right shoulder as well as my left knee which were limiting my performance. I am not a big fan of needles so I was somewhat nervous, but it was not bad at all! Dr. Matt is very knowledgeable and always makes sure I am comfortable.  Even after one session I noticed a tremendous improvement! And I am happy to say I no longer have those pain issues. Since then, he has been my go to for any skeletal muscular annoyances that seem to pop up and even for just a little tune up dry needling whenever I'm feeling a little tight. I highly recommend giving Dr. Matt and dry needling a chance.


You would be surprised at the wide range of issues it can help with. To my surprise he has also been extremely helpful treating my TMJ disorder with dry needling. Don't let the needles scare you away from a treatment that could potentially change your life!

Hali Kiser

AMRAP Method/Grafton CrossFit

Erik has been working with a bunch of our athletes, myself included, for almost two months now.  His movement assessment and dry needling sessions have been a total game changer in our recovery.  Being used to heavy training volume, I sort of resigned myself to the fact that I'd always have some nagging aches, knots, something tight pulling on something else, etc.  This doesn't have to be the case!


I've been more balanced in my movement and pain-free more now than I can remember.  Simply put, working with Erik has taken years off of my body's "gym age".  Not only is the science behind the dry needling treatment legit, Erik brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that he utilizes with us in the form of corrective exercises, manipulations, and more to ensure that we get the most out of our sessions.  Whether you have some functional imbalances in your muscles, aches and pains all over because you sit all day, or you have some knots in your shoulders because you just did 15.2, I'd consider working with Erik a necessity to optimize and restore your body to get the most out of your workouts.

Murph DeVane

Milwaukee Barbell & BrewCity CrossFit

I sustained a shoulder injury back in December 2014 that prevented me from being able to do any overhead movements.  I rested my shoulder about 3 months thinking that would help it heal, but it didn’t get any better.  After hearing about the incredible results that dry needling can have for injury recovery, I started seeing Erik.  Erik was incredibly helpful in explaining what he was going to be doing, and why it would help.  After just one session, my shoulder mobility immediately increased, and I felt less pain than before.


In additional to needling, Erik also performs manual therapy and offers corrective exercises to help strengthen muscles and prevent injury.  After some more weeks of dry needling appointments and performing the prescribed exercises, my shoulder feels great.  I’m able to do everything I was before the injury, and I’ve even matched previous PRs on my overhead lifts in a very short amount of time.  Dry needling is great not only for recovering from a sustained injury, but also for injury prevention as well as general muscle recovery.

Cari Corozza

BrewCity CrossFit

As someone whose body has a unique response to needles, I was nervous about getting dry-needled. Erik made me comfortable and ever since I had my first session in January 2015, I have been back almost weekly to maintain my body and deal with injuries.

I started seeing Erik due to a nagging shoulder injury. I had previously seen a PT for the injury, but it still lingered and I experienced pain during heavy or repetitive overhead movements. Erik worked with me to develop the best approach - some needling, but actually more hands-on work, stretching, and manipulations in addition to providing "homework" - exercises and movements that would strengthen neglected muscles to get my shoulder back to feeling 100%.

Along the way, I experienced several reoccurring lower back injuries, culminating in a pretty nasty one that has taken two months to recover from. During this time, Erik developed the best approach to treating my lower back injury which turned out to be a little less needling and more hands-on work along with a LOT of core exercises. In the meantime, I was still getting my upper and sometimes lower traps worked on to keep everything loose as well as keeping up with my shoulder exercises and strength movements.

Two months later, and I am finally realizing that I will recover from this lower back injury and have been pleasantly surprised with how strong I've gotten in the process. Sure, my lower-body strength is not quite what it used to be, but I have improved my upper-body strength 10-fold by keeping my shoulders loose and healthy by weekly needling sessions, performing every variation of press you can think of, strict pull-ups and ring-dips, along with several variations of planks and other core work. I am already training at weights that were difficult for me before I injured my back. Before I saw Erik, the amount of overhead press work I've done because of my lower back injury would not have been possible due to pain and limited shoulder mobility. I also recently PR'd my split squat and felt confident I was good for more. I had always been nervous to jerk heavy and now I am confident because of the time I took to build up that strength with the help and encouragement of Erik.

In a way, my lower back injury has been somewhat of a blessing in disguise as my upper body and core are now stronger than ever. I recommend Erik Gregersen to anyone whether you are dealing with an injury, experiencing an imbalance or tightness, or just to maintain your body.

Sara Stanford

BrewCity CrossFit

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