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Gear up for a STRONG SUMMER!

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Have you been missing out on the joys of summer?
Are you ready to enjoy it again?

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Because we've got a FANTASTIC offer for you.

We know how quickly our summers pass by and how important it is to take full advantage of the nice weather, outdoor activities and time with family and friends! 
To do all of this, you need a healthy body to live your summer to the fullest.


PICTURED: Sam, and our two boys, Griffin and Cal. These boys keep us on our toes! From "family walks" with races down every sidewalk with Cal, to playing at every park in the county, to all of the fitness we try to fit in, our summers are ACTIVE and BUSY!
NOT PICTURED: The time that we *don't have* to be limited by aches and pains or worried about keeping up with our family.

Here's the problem:

Time is ticking and you don't want to miss out anymore.

You know all the FUN THINGS you want to do.
You also know summer flies by in the BLINK OF AN EYE.

What you don't know to feel better faster so you don't miss out on our summer.

It's all so overwhelming.
This is where we can help.

Here's the solution:


Get the help you need to enjoy summer now.
Make your health a priority and avoid painful/expensive issues down the line.


6 sessions, 1 hour each. We'll start by taking you through our comprehensive Initial Evaluation. We'll listen to you to understand how your issues are impacting you. From there, we will and create a plan to address your goals through our 3-Step Process: Reset, Restore and Reload.


Have an accountability partner. This is really underrated and you know how important it is for success. Having a responsive Doctor to message when you have questions will help you reach your health/wellness goals. Accountability makes all the difference and we're here to help you along the way.


Save money. Our Strong Summer package is an exclusive package being offered for a limited time this summer. We've taken our most popular package, lowered the price AND even bundled more add-ons. That's a savings of $600 vs buying single sessions. This doesn't even include all of the other needless medical visits and procedures we can help you avoid.

Here's the catch:

Because of high demand and limited availability, we can
only offer 15 STRONG SUMMER packages.

We've worked with hundreds of people over the last several years. So, don't wait!
There's no guarantee there will be a spot left.
Commit to prioritizing your health and wellness now,
so you can enjoy the rest of the summer pain free!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I share this package with my spouse/significant other and kids?
Yes. You can share these sessions with your spouse or kids. We work with lots of families and love being able to keep the entire family healthy.


Do the sessions expire?
Yes. You have 12 months to use the sessions in this package.


Can I use my HSA or FSA dollars for this package?
Yes. That's your money and we are a qualified medical provider.


How do I know how to use my sessions?
At your Initial Evaluation, we will recommend a specific plan of care and frequency of sessions. Ultimately, you can use the sessions however you like.


Can I purchase more than one Strong Summer package?
These packages are limited to 1 per person. If you have a spouse/significant other or additional family members, each individual can purchase 1 package. In other words, 1 package per person.

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We almost forgot about the Bonus Bundle!
You also get...


Drawstring Bag ($10 value)


Evolv Shirt ($20 value)


Your Choice of 1 of our Performance Ebooks ($99 value)

Shoulder Mobility for Fitness Athletes

Hip Mobility for Fitness Athletes

Strong Shoulders (8 week program)

Pelvic Health Foundations


1 Bonus Item ($25-45 value)

LMNT Box or Local Business Gift Card

That's almost $2,000 value for ONLY $1194

(1 Payment of $1194 or 2 Monthly Payments of $597)

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