At Evolv Physical Therapy & Performance, we are passionate about sharing our vision of what doctorate level Physical Therapy services look and feel like.  We provide high quality one-on-one therapy services using a variety of evidenced based treatment interventions including Intramuscular Dry Needling, Spinal and Joint Manipulation, and guided corrective exercises.


Our sessions are suited for athletes and gym enthusiasts looking to improve recovery time from post-competition soreness or tackle minor aches and pains from general overuse.


You won’t find any techs, aids, assistants or ultrasound machines in these sessions.  Just good old fashion hands on assessment, evidence based differential diagnosis, and the skilled hands of a manual physical therapist addressing any movement restrictions or system imbalances we find.


Bring your gym gear!  We are going to evaluate your form, diagnosis and treat your injury, and build a corrective plan to get you back in the game.  For any client, we’ll take you through a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation designed to assess your performance for any flaws or risk factors and/or diagnosis your condition accurately.  Once we identify your problem areas, we’ll develop a plan to get you to perform at a higher level, with less pain, and less risk of injury.


Get ready to learn about your body.  While we can't put in the work for you, we can guide you down an individualized path to fulfill your fitness goals or master your injury.